Bath Safety Starts with SECURE Products.

Bemis Elevated Toilet Seats would make your Interior Decorator Smile....
....and your Occupational Therapist very Happy!

Clean Shield   Elevated Toilet Seat and Hinged Lid


Clean Shield   Elevated Toilet Seat

with Support Arms


Clean Shield   Elevated Toilet Seat

being "Discreet"


Elevated Toilet Seat 3"

"Open Wall" Design with

Open Front Ring

Elevated Toilet Seat 3"

"Open Wall" Design

Clean Shield™ Elevated Toilet Seat 3"


The Clean Shield seat is a 3" elevated toilet seat that is designed with the user's needs as the top priority. First and foremost is seat security.  The patented Snap 2 Secure installation system prevents your Clean Shield seat from wiggling or loosening during use. When you need an elevated seat, either with or without arms, seat security is very important.

Seat security is not the only benefit we redefine. The stylish, residential appearance of the seat "hides" an innovative shield that keeps everything in the bowl. Our ring is engineered to be comfortable during use and has a high weight capacity rating. The hinges provide additional residential features one should expect with a “Best” level seat.

Support Arms are also available separately for the Clean Shield seat.

The Clean Shield seat is redefining the expectations of users of elevated and armed seats.

  • Patented Snap 2 Secure system generates and maintains perfect clamping force, properly securing the seat for your safety

  • Stylish, residential appearance for your home

  • Self-sustaining hinges allow for easy cleaning and prevent ring slamming

  • Innovative, patented “reverse funnel” design of the shield keeps everything in the bowl, while avoiding contact

  • Solid plastic seat engineered an tested to over 450 KG

  • Optional Support Arms are weight bearing, engineered and tested to over 135 KG per side

  • Our Support Arms accept even or uneven pressure and do not wiggle or loosen

  • Seat’s smooth, glossy surface is easy to clean and stain resistant

"Features that Really Make the Bemis Elevated Toilet Seat the BEST Solution in Canada"


Bath Safety starts with Secure Products

A patented, installation system that secures your toilet seat so it will not loosen with use, ever.

Simple to install ... Installation Head

“snaps off” when properly tightened.

(wrench included)

"Stability is one of the most important features when it comes to elevated toilet seat systems.."

All Bemis Independence seats have the Snap 2 Secure installation system.


..a simple effective solution for Fall Prevention.


The unique residential appearance is well appreciated by those who want their independence with style and dignity. Our seats are focused on providing independence with a safe and secure elevated seat in your bathroom… but, the benefits do not end there.

See why we are excited about Bemis Independence and Clean Shield.

Specs & Installation

CLEAN SHIELD™ Elevated Seat ROUND R05300TSS 000
CLEAN SHIELD™ Support Arms A05303SUP
Elevated Seat 3" Open/Closed Ring No Shield Design
  • Round or Elongated
  • "no wall" design
  • Open or Closed Front Ring
Lifetime Warranty