Westech staff work very hard to make things happen for you whether you are one of our manufacturers, a dealer or retailer, or a client that ultimately uses one of our many products. Here is the "face behind the voice" page and a little about each of us.

Jeff Jones

Jeff, the founder of Westech, has been in the industry for many years and draws on over 35 years of experience in helping people gain mobility and independence. Jeff's passion is sales & marketing.

Susie Hicks
Customer Experience Manager

Susie is our customer service guru. Speaking both French and English, she is well suited to deal with our customers across Canada. With 30 plus years of experience in health care product sales & education, Susie knows more than many of her peers.

April Cao
Operations & Customer Service Clerk
Andy Parkkari
V.P. Finance & Operations

Andy handles Westech's key operational functions from Accounting & IT to Purchasing & Logistics. He draws on  many years of business experience in manufacturing and the energy sector in Calgary.

Vivian Zhang
Marketing Coordinator

Vivan joined Westech in February 2020, bringing a wealth of publication design and marketing experience, including having been Art Director for some local magazines. As the Marketing Coordinator, she loves using "the language of Art" to share with you the extraordinary stories of our products and the Westech brand.

Joel Probst
Warehouse & Logistics

“Our goal is to help Canadians of all ages live independently with dignity and respect

by offering innovative health care products.”

Chris Lillies
Regional Manager
Eastern Canada
Leah McCallum
Product Specialist in WOC
(Wound care, Ostomy, Continence)
Andy Woodcock-REV.jpg
Andy Woodcock
Sales and Education Specialist Ontario, ON
Kym Pinington
Sales Coordinator
Ontario, ON
Customers are Commenting
Would like to communicate my great appreciation for the assistance offered by Susie Hicks, Customer Experience Mgr. Under difficult circumstances she was most helpful and accommodating. Five star service! Eric Wong