Seni is a leading European manufacturer of health care solutions. With over 20 years of experience and sold in over 60 countries, Seni is dedicated to making the lives of dependent people and their caregivers easier by offering premium quality products. Westech Health Care is Exclusive Distributor in Canada. 


Comfort, Qulity and Dignity 

High absorbent and fully breathable outer
layers reduced risk of skin irritation and
associated dermatitis

When a relative becomes ill, a disabled or a sick child is born, or the parents grow old, the issue of providing care arises. Regardless whether the person who needs care is ill, disabled or elderly, and if the carer is the parent, other relative or a professional caregiver, the situation is difficult for the entire family.


We recommend you learning more about caregiving and modern solutions for urinary incontinence and skin care.


Specialists are often one of the most important sources of strength and motivation for dependent people to fight with a disease.

Dear Professionals, we want to help you in your work with people with incontinence, which is why we offer a comprehensive information base, a wide range of absorbent and skin care products as well as assistance in improving your skills.

for professionals




Seni products are BREATHABLE

and allow vapors to go through

NO BREATHABLE products keep the vapors and moisture close to the skin which can cause irritations.

Seni-Continence Care Catalogue - WHCL-20
Pull-On Underwear

Pull-On Underwear

Perfect solution for people leading an active lifestyle. They are ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence



Offer excellent and reliable protection for both active people and those with limited mobility. They are ideal for moderate to severe incontinence

Man Guards & Shaped Pads

Man Guards & Shaped Pads

Designed for people who lead an active life and desire comfort and security combined with discretion

Extra Brief Inserts

Extra Brief Inserts

Seni Booster Pads are extra brief inserts for special purposes



Hygienic Underpads are designed as additional protection for keeping the bed and bedding clean

Skin care

Skin care

Professional care for the non-ambulatory and incontinent

• Odour control
• Extra dry system
• Fewer changes of underpads and bedding
• Latex free

are dry disposable gloves made of soft non-woven for delicate yet effective cleansing of the skin.
Seni Personal Care Gloves