• Integrity

  • Trust

  • Honesty

  • Knowledge

  • Respect



  • Representation for Manufacturers

  • Reimbursement Expertise

  • Distribution Channels

  • Product Warehousing

  • Sales & Marketing Support

  • Training

  • Education

  • Long Term Care consulting



Westech is always looking to improve peoples lives by offering quality products from leading manufacturers and healthcare product developers.


Our manufacturers are some of the most innovative in the world and are constantly striving to help people with physical challenges live independently with dignity and respect.

  As a manufacturer, you may be looking at entering the Canadian market and we can help.  Contact us to set up initial discussion to start making your products part of the Canadian Healthcare marketplace.




If you are a retailer or a dealer of home health care products, we want to work with you to increase sales of our products in your area of service.  There are many ways we can add value to your sales and marketing efforts.

  • staff education

  • sales training

  • inservice education with your reps

  • product graphics for literature & websites

  • educational videos

  • end user feedback

  • work with funding sources

  • joint local advertising programs