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Salts Healthcare

Salts Healthcare

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Salts Healthcare ostomy products are unique as they are the only appliance containing Aloe Vera infused into their hydrocolloids to protect and soothe your skin. Being the Exclusive Canadian Distributor, Westech Health Care wants to meet your needs by working with your ostomy care nurse, and your ostomy retailer to provide the best option for you.

VELA Chairs from Westech Health

VELA Chairs from Westech Health

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Introducing the New VELA Tango 700/700E chairs are the latest models

of the popular VELA  chair. These chairs offer independence 

at home, work or school in a user-friendly design.



  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Honesty

  • Knowledge

  • Respect



  • Representation for Manufacturers

  • Reimbursement Expertise

  • Distribution Channels

  • Product Warehousing

  • Sales & Marketing Support

  • Training

  • Education

  • Long Term Care consulting



Westech is always looking to improve peoples lives by offering quality products from leading manufacturers and healthcare product developers.


Our manufacturers are some of the most innovative in the world and are constantly striving to help people with physical challenges live independently with dignity and respect.

  As a manufacturer, you may be looking at entering the Canadian market and we can help.  Contact us to set up initial discussion to start making your products part of the Canadian Healthcare marketplace.




If you are a retailer or a dealer of home health care products, we want to work with you to increase sales of our products in your area of service.  There are many ways we can add value to your sales and marketing efforts.

  • staff education

  • sales training

  • inservice education with your reps

  • product graphics for literature & websites

  • educational videos

  • end user feedback

  • work with funding sources

  • joint local advertising programs




Westech has the experience and depth to understand what is necessary to sell healthcare products in Canada when it comes to Disposables, Rehab, Mobility, independent living and extended care. We also have the knowledge to understand the complexities of third party billing provincially and federally in Canada. Our key people have been doing it for over 30 years.



Our organization recognizes how important education is whether you are a Therapist, a Personal Care Aid, a Client, a Homecare Products Retailer or a Physician. Education is the difference between good product and great healthcare solutions.

Our customers look for something more than a product from a catalogue, they look for the ability and knowledge to use that product effectively!


Customer Service and Delivery

No automated answering service at Westech - we want to make your customer service experience positive and that comes with experience on the phone when you call in. We help you choose the right product. Then we make every effort to get that product to you quickly. In many cases we can do same or next day delivery.


Technical Support

If you have technical questions give us a call - we’ll make every effort to solve them. And if we don’t have the answer we’ll track it down for you. Even if we need to refer you elsewhere. Of course anything we sell we will provide the best technical support to keep your products meeting your needs.



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