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Ventopedic – A Solution to Skin Integrity Maintenance

The entire Ventopedic product line is built around an effective moisture transport technology system aimed at maintaining skin integrity on a variety of body parts. Structured around fabric functionality, the Ventopedic products are designed to eff­ectively draw moisture away from the skin while the 3 dimensional interior found in every product controls and /or eliminates any moisture absorption. The continuous airflow ventilation inside each product allows it to keep dry even in the highest levels of humidity.


What makes Ventopedic products so unique?


Every Ventopedic product has different attributes that make them unique, but their ability to NOT ABSORB moisture is what makes them stand out. The fabric functionality behind each Ventopedic product is like no other on the market today. Many product manufactures will claim to have products that draw moisture or perspiration away from the skin, but where will the moisture or perspiration end up… most likely inside the products, and that is where we are di­fferent! Our clinical test results confirm that the Ventopedic concept will remain dry even under extreme humidity conditions (38°C / 98% Humidity).

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