​Copyright © Westech Health Care Ltd.

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Copyright © Westech Health Care Ltd.

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Unique features with UR free to go. Free space,all direction,odor free and total collection.
("non-invasive" and "not a catheter-type" device)

  • Reservoir cup creates a comfortable roomy toilet basin
  • Soft inner cushion sits the private part and direct the urine outflow
  • Air current allows one way drainage of urine and fluid
  • Curly drainage tubing design for any position use
  • Flush after use,clean,disinfect and odorless

UR Free To Go

UR free to go(Portable Urinal for Men)is suitable for
1.Urine incontinence or urgency problems
2.Chronic illness that could not make toilet in time
3.After urological surgery with leakage of urine
4.Any long hours of driving or riding
5.Wearing of heavy gear or protective devices
6.Hang gliding,helicopter or flying in small airplanes

UR Free To Go - Urinal System

A revolutionary new portable urinal system that makes bladder control so much easier for men.