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Fits most urinary leg waste bags (19oz) 
Two wide adjustable straps
Release valve opening 
Washable and Reuseable


Durable, Washable Nylon Fabric
Adjustable Nylon Woven Straps 
Internal Support System for most urinary

waste collection bags
Convenient Woven Nylon Handle *Double

Zipper Openings
2 private Personal Pockets
Supports standard 2000 ml Waste Collection bags. 
Weight 0.9 Width 12" Height 14" Length
1.5 (lb) 12 (inch) 14 (inch) 2 (inch)

LEGG-INS® is a Urinary Leg Bag Cover.

LEGG-INS® US Patented, well designed cover, discretely and securely supports the urinary waste collection leg bag.  

LEGG-INS® by STYLEDWEL is the safe solution consumers and their families are looking for.

 LEGG-INS® discrete urinary leg bag cover Solves the many issues and stigmas experienced by millions of consumers such as:  

 Allergic reactions to waste bag material, plastic and latex.
Insecurity associated with the often failing waste bag fastening straps. 
Social exposure, the embarrassment of the urinary waste bag exposed.

LEGG-INS® urinary waste bag cover holds multiple US Patents, made with the finest materials and adjustable to fit the thigh or calf.  This product is mad from durable and lightweight nylon materials. Latex FREE.

BAG-INS® Waste Collection Tote  discreetly and securely supports the 2000 mL urinary waste collection bag.

BAG-INS® elite design was specifically  engineered to discretely and securely  support the 2000 mL waste collection bag. The sleek design and adjustable strap adapt to all types of appliances. ( mobility chairs, wheel chairs, bed rails, walkers etc., etc.,etc.!)

BAG-INS® US Patent pending technology delivers solutions consumers seek while restoring lost dignity.

BAG-INS® by STYLEDWEL® is manufactured  with quality materials and superior workmanship.There is not any Latex materials used in this product. Made of durable and lightweight nylon.