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Grillo was designed to generate and help the step pattern, to train the pelvis and trunk to keep their balance, to organize a wider structured vision of space of distance and of the user's surroundings in his upright position, to develop physical self-sufficiency and psychological independence by experimenting the possibility of acting alone without the help of other people.  There are models for indoor and outdoor use and for kids and adults.

This pushchair is adjustable in tilt (horizontally pivoted mechanism) from 0° to 45°.  The mechanism of the horizontally pivoted system was designed to help the assistant to adjust the tilt without any effort and to assure the maximum stability of the aid.

The Mini-Standy gives your child an opportunity to participate actively and feel integrated with their social surroundings. The Mini-Standy can be used in a range of settings such as at home, school, or clinic. The adjustable supports fit snuggly to the child while allowing lateral rotation. It is designed with locking wheels to make transporting easy and convenient.
- Two Sizes with a capacity of 121 lbs.

Dynamico was designed and made to enable the child to walk without help when independent walking is impossible.  As well as train and start the walking process so that it may be continued without the aid at a later stage;  it can be used to practice the actions of walking or simply as a permanent means of moving around.

Dondolino's standing frame was designed to be used in the normal life contexts of a child's home, school, and community.  Moreover, it can enhance the child's capacity to adapt to his surroundings and to interact positively with the world around him.