Our Mission

A portable shower wheelchair is one of the most valuable pieces of medical equipment you can have. Our goal at GO! Mobility Solutions is to enable all mobility-impaired individuals to bathe and toilet conveniently, comfortably and safely at home or wherever they’d like to go, whenever they want to go. Don’t give up on visiting family and friends or traveling to that dream destination. Our portable shower commode chairs are lightweight and compact enough to take just about anywhere you’d want to go.

For Use at Home and On-the-Road

The GO-Anywhere Portable Shower Chair was initially designed as a travel shower chair because the inventor could not find a decent one with which to travel. Over time, it didn’t make sense to own one shower chair for home and another just for travel, or a commode chair for use over a toilet and a separateshower chair to use in the shower. So the GO-Anywhere Portable Shower Chairsevolved into every day-use shower wheelchairs that simply pack-up and roll-away whenever you’re ready to go. One shower chair does it all! Those uncomfortable, even embarrassing, bathing and toileting experiences are things of the past thanks to these exciting new innovations

Durable and Maintenance-Free

Constructed of anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum and rust-resistant parts and hardware, GO-Anywhere commode shower chairs will last a lifetime.

“The Go-Anywhere shower commode chair certainly lives up to it’s name!  It’s an essential aid that I use all over the world as well as everyday at home.  The lightweight material, sharp turning radius, and sturdy design enable me to utilize just about any version of an ‘accessible’ shower.  And the customer service is excellent and what all companies should strive for.”

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